Welcome Mr. Hill once again!

Mr. Hill

3. 12. 2018

A couple of days ago my class (including myself) along with a small number of other students, all from our school, was invited by Mrs Radová to take part in another debate with Mr. Hill, an  American sociologist and university teacher. We were told this discussion would be somewhat unusual as in Mr. Hillś debates there is never any specific subject or theme given in advance. And so Mrs Radová tasked us just to think about a few questions which we might be interested in. As the day came and we all gathered at the British council it came to us as no surprise that the main subject of the debate swayed to politics, mainly to Donald J. Trump. As we soon learned, Mr. Hill had a lot to say. He spoke about American economy,social changes and much more. One of the questions asked tackled the "stop immigration" policy and I personally was interested in the wall which had been a large issue of Trumpś campaign. Except politics we also spoke about unemployment, salaries and the cost of living in America. But everything we spoke about wasn´t always only about the USA. An interesting subject was also immigration to Europe or Brexit. 
Honestly, there was too much said to be remotely possible for me to compress all to an article without it being turned into a book. After the discussion I had a chance to speak to the professor in person and I hope we get to talk to him again next year. 

Jan Maršík, 7E