Diary from Ancona

Hurá na ERASMUS+! Tentokrát do Španělska, La Coruña, Chambre.

11. 5. 2017


Finally, the day when our adventure began came. We all had packed our luggage and nervously checked several times whether we had packed all we needed. Soon in the afternoon, at half past two, we gathered in the courtyard of our school and were ready to head off for the airport to Prague. For some of us, it was the first flight in life, and so we were a bit afraid, but fortunately all went smoothly and most of us fell in love with flying. Having landed in Rome we struggled a little bit with time to change for the flight to Ancona. Another taking-off and in 1 hour we successfully landed to say hello to our host families. We were full of expectations about the upcoming days. Eventually, everyone went home with their families and no wonder after the long and tiring journey there was no space for long talks, everyone soon fell asleep.


Soon in the morning we met in the school where we saw our future friends from Macedonia, Italy and Spain for the first time. Italian students prepared some ice-breaking activities. We played a ball game based on throwing and catching the ball repeating our names. It was really funny, as we variously crippled our names. Another game, called UNO, based on quite complicated rules, was one of the wittiest. Imagine yourself sitting in three on one seat!
Later we went for a sightseeing tour round Jesi. It started in historical Pergolesi Theatre being followed by a sightseeing hunt according to a given manual.
To spend the evening we were invited to a club called Paradise where we played bowling and other simulating games as skiing or MotoGP.
Afterall, being hungry we were invited by Italians for dinner and were served by plenty of Italian pizzas and had the chance to drink a toast to the success of the following week.


The second day in Italy we woke up on a sunny morning. After we had met the rest of project participants we boarded a bus and set out for Genga, a small historical town surrounded by splendid countryside. We enjoyed the time when waiting for another bus to take us to a monumental natural wonder- Frasassi Caves. Having stepped into the caves we could not believe our eyes as nobody has seen such huge stalactites and stalagmites originating throughout millenniums.  Honestly, we got astound by their gigantic size. The cave complex seemed infinite. No wonder we decided to take a picture of the whole group in these surroundings.
 Then we went to a nearby historical church, where a museum of paleontology is to see collections of local milion- year-old findings. When we left the museum we had one more snack and we also popped in a small local shop offering typical Italian food.
In the afternoon the planned destination was the old monastery in Serra dei Conti. It does not serve its original purpose anymore, today it houses a textile museum. We also learned about the life of monks that used to lived there, how they made clothes, manufactured  remedies and other important things. At the end of the visit we took part in a workshop to see different original textile procedures and to try out weaving using a loom.
As it was a long day, we were looking forward to the way back to our host families.


In the morning we were introduced the following programme. This time we were not supposed to occupy the chemical laboratory, but we aimed at the computer lab. We all really showed desire but we did not have a clue our desire would not last long. We were shown a instructive video on „smart clothes“. What is „smart clothes“, „smart jewelery“? What „smart clothes“ actually means we had never heard before. Shortly after we learnt. No sooner had we been given the stuff for the following activities. Felt of various colours, a silver threat (learning soon as the conductor), needles, diods, press studs and flat batteries. The task was obvious-to design and make a fashion accessory. And so somebody created bracelests, rings, others mobile phone slips, or jewelery boxes. No wonder John Vavra presented the logo of Motor Hockey Team on his product. It was  hard work but the promissed trip for Senigallia was a real motivation.Time passed fast and so we could hop on the bus for Senigallia.
It was not far, in a short time we gathered there aiming to do shopping. Though, soon after we realised it would not be a bargain and so we went to admire the beauties of the ancient city and the sea. Actually, all of these was for free. Unfortunatelly, we could not have a swim as the sea was too cold.Finally, we took a few selfies on the beach and had an Italian pizza once more. Such a pleasurable evening!


Right in the morning we rushed into the chemical lab, as might have been expected. This time we were supposed to make a lot more interesting experiments. We studied by the means of microscopes various textile fibres and according to their structure we tried to specify particular materials. It was also interesting to examine chemical reactions of different textile fibres exposed to acids and alkalis. Last but not least, we observed the way of burning process of different materials, the smell and the ashes. All our observations were recorded and followingly analysed.
No sooner had we accomplished these tasks than we relocated into the computer lab. The task was to present our projects worked out before we had travelled for Jesi. They dealt with 10 various chemicals used in textile industry, their chemical compositions and harmful effects on the environment.
Right after the lessons we set off for Ancona. Not only the historical city centre but even a number of shops were explored in order to buy something unique. We are sorry for Šimon who suffered the most when shopping around shops offering ladies fashion. Another adventure we experienced was the search for a food shop, which we finally found 10 minutes before the last bus was to leave.
After the busy and tiring day we lay in beds satisfied we would bring home to taste something typical for Italian cuisine.


On Friday morning we moved to school soon as usual. There we started our scheduled program. It was our last day so the program was not supposed to be so packed. We were expected to make team presentations about the whole experienced week in Italy.The first hour was spent with searching necessary materials and photos. For the rest of the morning we were accomplishing our presentations. The speech was the most difficult part of the task because presenting in English if you had not prepared the speech in advance wasn't easy at all.

Our duties finished at 1 pm and the rest of the afternoon was arranged by our host families. Someone went for  dinner, someone went to the city with friends, whatever one wanted. In the evening there was a final farewell party in the school.  We could dance, talk with friends and have fun. Everyone was awarded by a project certificate and the best presentations were announced. After that we were allowed to go to the city where we had a great, though last ice cream. This was the saddest moment. Our eyes filled with tears when we realized we would never see these people again. Finally, we went home to sleep because the way home was awaiting us the next early morning.


We had to get up really early. We had to be packed up at the airport at 6 AM. We hugged and waved goodbye to our guest familes  for the last time. Then we were waiting four our flight home. Some of us shed tears and some were looking forward to their homes. We checked in, walked through the passport control and because we still had some spare time, we spent it making an interview. We were having fun while making it. Afterwards, we boarded the plane and took off. The sky was cloudless, so we could observe patches of towns, mountains and lakes which weren´t bigger than a postage stamp. When we changed plane in Rome , one member of our group realised that she had lost her wallet so we had to record the loss. Fortunately, Stefy still had her passport.and so we managed to board the plane that transported us safely to Prague. The outlook out of window of the plane over the alpine landscape was wonderful.When we got out of the plane, we messaged to our parents that we were already in Prague and we had landed safely. Then we went to pick our baggage.The trip to Budejovice in a 9-seat van seemed to be short  because majority of us were so much tired that they fell asleep. Our parents picked us up at the arrival and we were pelted with their curious questions about the stay. And because we were filled with wonderful experiences we could not help talking.